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All of us here at Bennett's Gems & Jewelry bring top notch customer service, great enthusiasm and loads of knowledge to make your visit both enjoyable and informative.  

Kim Dunn, owner and co-creator of Bennett's Gems, focuses on offering the finest gemstone merchandise available at the best prices possible.  After more than 20 years in the business, she has turned her passion for creativity into a "gem" of a shop, with loyal customers from around the world.  Her one-of-a-kind gemstone bead and pearl designs are both simply elegant to elegantly simple.

Bev is happily retired and thrilled to be our resident expert in the metaphysical, a fast-growing feature of our store.  She adds a touch of class with her knowledge and prior experience in the corporate world and is endlessly cheerful and helpful.  Bev's  eagerness to know everything she can about gemstones is a huge asset to our customer service.

Pam, a nurse in her "other life" is a joy to work with and has more energy than all of us put together.  She loves rearranging the store to keep everything fresh and keeping us on our toes!  Her natural design talents help make Bennett's Gems an enjoyable and lively place to visit...even if you stop in often!  Come in and see why Pam calls this her "fun job"!

Lauren is our newest Bennett's Family member and her talents are adding a wonderful dimension to the jewelry we have to offer.  Come see what she has created and be amazed at her sense of elegant style with her unique and lovely wire wraps.  Using the most beautiful stones we can find, Lauren's gemstone wraps are literally flying out the door before we can photograph them!

Daniel (MATTERS OF TIME) is our watch and clock professional.  With 20 years of "keeping time", Daniel offers full watch and clock services, from replacing watch batteries to sourcing out the right parts and repairing your special timepiece.  One satisfied customer highly recommends Daniel as "very reliable and competent...a craftsman". We are confident you will be happy with his professionalism as well.